Book Description: One soul stands between the living…and the dead John Burke's life is filled with despair. Four years after the mysterious disappearance of his wife and daughter, he wants nothing more than to end his own misery—until a confrontation with a peculiar little girl alters his life. Burke’s world collides with supernatural chaos, forcing him to face the reality of his past. Now he must find his family and destroy the ancestral curse. Teaming up with a former policeman and his blind wife, along with a boisterous motorcycle gang, Burke discovers the one thing he thought he lost forever—hope.


"A supernatural thriller that will have you looking deep into your soul and wondering if you can trust what you see.

When John Burke’s family disappeared, he thought his life was over. He no longer had a reason to live and fell into a deep despair. Four years later, he decides to end it all until a little girl changes his perspective. Soon after his life collides with the supernatural, his past is all back for him to face once more. It quickly becomes more than he can handle and he is forced to rely on new found friends and allies before all is lost.

Tom Mohan has brought suspense to a whole new level in this supernatural thriller. With characters that you can connect with on a deep level and feel their distress on every page, this is a story not to be missed. While this is not my usual genre to read, I decided to give this one a try and am glad I did. The story was deep with thought provoking scenes that kept me up late into the night. A lot of thought was put into each character and how their role provided further development to the story and each scene instead of just inserting more characters for the sake of making the story longer. I enjoyed the relationship between John and Red and how that related to his longing for his daughter. I recommend this book to readers that love a supernatural thriller that will leave them with questions long after the last page."

- Jessica Higgins  


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